Entrepreneurs & Emotional Barriers to Success

Overcoming barriersBusiness owners and managers do not always have access to all of the support that they need and are not always clear on what they do need.

This piece of action research, an experiment as a precursor to expanded research, investigated the barriers to success for entrepreneurs and the overcoming enablers, being those factors which help entrepreneurs succeed, are described here as Barriers & Enablers.

The main Barriers themes (which will be explored further) are; lack of resources, lack of (perceived) competences and healthy emotional management (fears and frustrations), all of which need to be addressed to enable the effective entrepreneur to achieve efficiently.

The economic ways in which the entrepreneur can obtain that clarity is through the main enabler themes of; (Expert) Support Networks, Peer Mentoring and Emotional Management. Its the latter one which your Financial Director Coach notes as the most often overlooked (Finance has such a macho image, does it not?)

Which leads to the sales pitch; both Managing Directors and Finance Directors will benefit from putting just enough expert support for all three enablers in place.  That implies the right level of strategic, management and operational skills, aligned with technical competence and business psychology expertise.

The full research experiment can be accessed here:

Entrepreneurs & Emotional Barriers to Success


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